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About us

As a manufacturer of Hartberger, EURO-SYSTEM, WL, Mandor, UNIE and importer of Lindner and Kobra and supplier of Michel, Hawid and many other brands, you will find everything you need for your collecting hobby on our site. Albums, numismatic albums, philatelic albums, pre-print albums, system albums, insert books, numismatic boxes, cases, supplies and catalogues for coins, stamps, banknotes, postcards, shares, tokens, PTT folders, FDC envelopes, EDB sheets, etc. You can order directly from our online shop, but all items are also available from your own retailer.

In our online shop, you can order our items directly, but they are also available from your own retailer.

As its name suggests, DE MAN - WERKENDAM was founded in Dordrecht in 1942. After starting out as a stamp wholesaler, album production was launched a few years later. Until the late 60s, production was entirely in-house. With the move to Werkendam, production was also outsourced. In 1995, we took over the HARTBERGER brand and transferred the production of coin holders to Werkendam. In 2005, the production of binders and sheets was added. We also produce ring binders and sheets of all shapes and sizes in a separate company for other companies. If you are interested, please visit our special website


At the moment, our range consists of the following brands and items:

  • HARTBERGER (since 1968), manufacturer and exporter of storage systems for coins, tokens and all kinds of collectibles.
  • LINDNER import (since 1992), of every possible album for stamps, as well as hundreds of other supplies for collectors.
  • KOBRA import (since 1992), dozens of accessories for collectors.
  • CATALOGI, catalogues of stamps and coins from MICHEL, YVERT, ZONNEBOEM, NVPH, NVMH, KRAUSE etc.
  • ALONE, all kinds of storage systems for coins, stamps, banknotes, postcards of various brands.

  • If you have any questions and/or comments or if we can be of any assistance, please let us know via our contact page.